This has nothing to do with Korea, but…

On Wednesday afternoon a student at Wesleyan University was shot and killed in the campus bookstore’s cafe, where she worked.  The police are now saying that it was an anti-Semitic hate crime, and plans were discovered for a campus-wide shooting spree.   The school’s administration has relocated all of the residents of the Bayit, Wesleyan’s Jewish program house.  The campus is slowly moving out of a lock down state, but the gunman has still not been caught.

I know that people die due to religiously-motivated violence all the time, but this one hits particularly close – Wesleyan was my home for four years, and the small community there is very closely knit.  I don’t have anything profound to say about this tragedy or what it means from a more global perspective.  I’m just sad, and asking, if you pray, that you throw one out there for Johana Justin-Jinich, her family, and the Wesleyan community.

Hartford Courant

New York Times


One response to “This has nothing to do with Korea, but…

  1. I saw this this morning and I’m thinking of you and all those connected to Wesleyan.

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