My Classroom


Unlike most public school teachers, I have my own classroom.  It is an English lab of sorts, with a bank of computers in the back and a small collection of English books and dvds and an encyclopedia set.  I’m still trying to figure out how to make full use of all of the resources that I have available to me.  This is definitely nicer and more high-tech than any public school classroom than I have ever seen in the US.



I absolutely do not understand the thinking that went behind the images and text on the blinds in this classroom.  One says “Organic Fruit” while another says McDonald’s Drive-Thru”.  On the other side of the room we have “Irish farmer with his donkey and dog”.


Most of my students are really camera-shy.  The best I can usually manage are candid shots.


The view from my classroom window.  The white building in the middle is my apartment building.


5 responses to “My Classroom

  1. So are the students all boys? In a wealthy private school? Spring looks wonderful (we’re still waiting for really green grass here in MN).

  2. It is actually a co-ed public school (perhaps I should have worded that “unlike most other public school teachers”), but the wealthy part is correct – Ulsan is the wealthiest city in Korea, which I understand is largely due to the fact that Hyundai has one of its main industrial centers here. There is actually one girl in that picture, if you look closely, but any picture of a group of desks in my classroom would appear to be single-sex – middle schoolers are very good at self-segregating themselves by gender. Trying to get boys and girls to work together is almost impossible.

  3. I see 100% of your students have zip up bags for pencils and pens and erasers. I’m convinced that the reason our United States’ test scores are lagging behind Asian scores is that we can’t find our pencils.

  4. I love that you have absurd window shades.

  5. wow….. AMAZING classroom.

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